About Us

Based in Christchurch, the largest city in New Zealand’s South Island, Paragon MultiPlex Ltd offers manufacturers a multi-faceted avenue into New Zealand’s competitive grocery channel.

Unlike most of our contemporaries we restrict ourselves to servicing just the grocery and independent food retail channels. Why? Simple really. We know that our sales team need to have some focus in order to deliver the best results. We also know that it is all too hard to constantly change focus. That is why we stick to the food and grocery channels as over 90% of consumer purchases are from within these sectors. And as our sales team stays within these bounds, we are confident that we can deliver best practice across the brands that we represent.

Plus, as we know that you, our supplier partners are as unique as we are, we do not offer a generic approach, or a one glove fits all attitude. Instead, we will tailor a package that best suits you and your needs. Just tell us what you want. The package that we can offer can be anything from simple sales support to full sales and distribution utilising our own centrally located MPI approved distribution facility.

And if you do come on board how will you know if you are a valued partner? Another simple answer. There will always be an open invitation for you to come and work with us at any level, anytime. You can view first-hand how we manage all aspects of your sales process; from category reviews to new product launches; from promotional planning to post launch reviews; from product development to the more simpler but most important aspects of the selling process – arranging your orders at store level.

We are confident that we can offer you service levels that will be the equal to having your own in-house sales team. Our confidence is brought about through successes that we have chalked up in over 30 years in the industry. Our skite sheet includes several market leaders.

In summary, we offer:

  • Full sales and merchandising
  • Merchandise compliance checks
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Managed warehousing
  • Importing, warehousing and distribution